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Image by Fernando @cferdophotography

Are you at your breaking point? Do others assume you've got it all together, but you feel like you are on a downward spiral? How about finding yourself frozen with anxiety at 2am after you’ve played out every worst-case scenario imaginable for your life? This feeling keeps you awake scrolling, binging, and engaging in habits you know aren’t best for you. Are you continuously waiting for the other shoe to drop? Do you just want to go to sleep? Are you tired of feeling responsible for everything and everybody? Stop hampster-wheeling it. You know something needs to change. Your life depends on it. Also, you deserve it.

Imagine waking up each morning excited to start your day instead of dreading it. Not only do you feel prepared for each part of your day, but you are looking forward to it! You can now manage your anxiety symptoms and are less bothered by instances that would normally spark a panic attack.

You now feel more confident and fulfilled in every area of your life. How would your life be different if you felt this way and could improve your daily functioning? How would it impact your relationships, time, freedom and earning potential?

We don’t want you to suffer anymore. Together, we will find new ways to cope that allow you to live a life less encumbered by anxiety and stress. We will work to resolve core conflicts that serve as sources of your anxiety. We will investigate factors (such as fears) that are blocking your life of abundance.


Using cognitive behavioral therapy, emphasis will be placed on helping you learn to be your own therapists. Through in-session interventions and homework exercises (to be completed between sessions) we will explore your own thinking, problematic emotions, and behavior. One of our goals for treatment is to equip you with different tools and techniques that specifically work for you. We will also work to develop access to discreet exercises that can quickly create relief at any time.  We'll address what's going on in your brain when you feel anxious and how to get in touch with different parts of your brain to find relief. 


We'll work collaboratively to study patterns and trends in your thinking and gain/re-gain control over your body and thoughts. We'll discuss and plan what happens to your body when fear takes over (i.e. anxiety or panic attacks) so you can learn how to quickly calm down. We draw from a variety of theoretical approaches to develop a tailored treatment plan that best suits you. 


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