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Inspiring professional women to honor the past, ignite the present, and design a dynamic future.


Transforming generational trauma into generational healing


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Welcome to Pivot Power!


The unpredictability of our world requires the ability to pivot. A pivot can be defined as a fundamental change in your direction. It requires attention, persistence, and the ability to re-evaluate a new approach when factors change and shift.


Although life’s pivotal moments can be painful, they also create an opportunity to do just that. Whether you're battling anxiety, depression, trauma, or other concerns, it is possible to pivot to a path that leads to happier times.


Together, let’s ignite your pivot power!

Ashley Dunn, MS, LCMHC, LCAS, CSI

VISION: Empowering leaders and creative entrepreneurs to honor the past, ignite the present, and design a dynamite future. 


MISSION: We provide an unparalleled therapeutic experience through exceptional clinical care. We achieve this by offering individual therapy, training, and workshops grounded in radical acceptance and generational healing. 


You can do this.

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Calling all People Pleasers, Perfectionist, Over-thinkers, the Over-thinkers!


....the overwhelmed and exhausted....

You deserve to be happy! Let's design a life you are excited about living. 

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Many of our clients come to therapy stuck in the same patterns, unsure how to break the cycle but knowing they want to make a change. We help our clients understand where these patterns come from, how these patterns served them in the past, and empower them to shed those parts they have outgrown. We collaborate with our clients to integrate their past experiences with greater bodily and emotional awareness in order to make choices with agency and authentic presence.


Pivot Power PLLC Established Services



Intake/Diagnostic Assessment: $250.00

Ongoing Individual Psychotherapy:


*All services are self pay. We do not accept insurance.   

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